Horizon Cloud- Finding the features installed in Horizon Agent (HAI)

Well, how to find what are all the features installed with Horizon agent?
Most of us need this in troubleshooting issues like cam is not working, Default printer or scanner redirection is not working and etc

In Horizon cloud we often call this agent as HAI, and this can be downloaded from VMware website
Based on the version of your cloud pod, download the respective agent version

These agents are inbuilt with POD manifest versions hence unless you are creating your own custom image, with the import VM flow while import a VM from Azure marketplace, the agents will get installed automatically.

The agent we use in Horizon cloud consists of 2 agents – DAAS Agent + View Agent

Determine the features installed

There are 2 ways we can find this info

1 – Navigating to the path by launching the regedit
2 – PowerShell single liner

Using regedit

If the agent is already installed, by simply navigating to registry we will be able find what features are installed

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\Installer\Features_HorizonAgent

Now it’s so simple that wherever you see the value as “Local”, that feature is installed with Horizon Agent. Absent means that feature is not installed

Using PowerShell

Get-ItemProperty -Path “HKLM:\SOFTWARE\VMware, Inc.\Installer\Features_HorizonAgent”|Select-Object -ExcludeProperty PS*

example output shown as below

Silent installation of agent

Since manual/interactive installation of agent is straight forward approach (by double clicking the installer file), we will investigate the silent installation through command line.

  • Launch PowerShell
  • Go the path where the agents downloaded (Ex: cd c:\temp)
  • If you need to proceed with default settings comes when you proceed with interactive installation then use the below command

    "C:\temp\VMware-Horizon-Agents-Installer-21.2.0-18291140-x64.exe" /silent ADDLOCAL=Core,ClientDriveRedirection,HelpDesk,PrintRedir,RDP,RTAV,TSMMR,V4V,HorizonCloud REMOVE=SdoSensor,GEOREDIR,NGVC,PerfTracker,RDSH3D,ScannerRedirection,SerialPortRedirection,SmartCard,URLRedirection,USB,VMWMediaProviderProxy,VmwVaudio,DEM,AV VDM_SKIP_BROKER_REGISTRATION=1

    if you need more features then add the specific feature to ADDLOCAL by removing it from REMOVE
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