Horizon Cloud on Azure – POD Deployment & Troubleshooting [Part-2]

If all the pre-requisites are met, then POD creation in Horizon cloud is just that easy. I see the public documentation is clear and has enough details.

The tech zone article having a step-by-step guide for the deployment.

Since the POD Deployment is noticeably clear and has enough screenshots and based on my experience will discuss what kind of issues one encounters while deploying the POD

  1. PostgresSQL resource provider was not registered
    Since Horizon cloud uses External postgress ,we need to add the “Microsoft.DBforPostgreSQL‘ provider is app registrations. also, make sure the below resource providers are registered for a smooth POD deployment
  2. The node in a pending state for too long
    This issue may occur for various reasons, and this is the most common error 
    All the DNS / Ports requirements outlined in the Horizon public documentation should be allowed. Even if we miss a few one’s POD deployment may fail.
  3. Check if the subnets provided at the time of deployment is not using anywhere in the network since this creates IP conflicts and deployment may fail
  4. The unrecognized error may appear due to any firewall blocking traffic to the horizon cloud control plane so need to check the firewall policies
  5. Jump box deployed but you can’t see appliances in azure for a long time then please check below

    JB unable to communicate to cloud.horizon.vmware.com or related control plane URLs on 443
    Boot strapping won’t happen unless packages.microsoft.com not allowed on 443 and 11371
    Port 443 not allowed to hydra-softwarelib-cdn.azureedge.net so that VHD’s won’t get downloaded