Horizon Cloud on Azure – Assignments [Part-6]

Now, we have an image created. it’s time to proceed with assignment creation.
This article discusses the creation of the assignment for a single pod brokering type.
if one chooses the Brokering as Single POD Brokering then the admin page looks as below

Click on VDI & RDSH

Click on the NEW button
Now we will have options to select Desktops or Applications assignment
Select Desktops

There are 3 types of Assignments in Desktops
1–> Dedicated
2–> Floating
3–> Session

Dedicated: – Useful when a user needs the same desktop on every login and data is persistent across logins and reboots

Floating: – Useful for a team who works 24/7 or multiple shifts and data is not persistent across logins since after a log-off VM will get reset. To save data we can use VMware DEM/Windows roaming profiles or an equivalent solution

Session: – Same as floating but here we will get RDSH based experience and data is non-persistent across logins. we need a farm to be created before creating the session assignment. Ex: Windows server OS with Terminal services or WVD

We can use the same image for both Dedicated & Floating assignments.

Advanced properties on the same page are optional

Click on NEXT

Click on NEXT
Provide the user groups needs access to this assignment

Click on NEXT
Review the settings on the Summary page then SUBMIT

Note: – Before submitting check enough quota available in Azure for selected Model

We will discuss session-based assignments in another blog post.

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