Horizon Cloud on Azure – Image Import / Creation [Part-5]

After Brokering selection, the next work is to create an image
Creating an image consists of 2 workflows
1 –> Import VM
2 –> Publish the Imported VM

Import VM:

  1. Horizon Admin console –> Inventory –> Imported VMs
  2. Click on “IMPORT”
  3. Select “Location” & “POD” Names
  4. Select the OS [ By default we see RDSH i.e server images, for VDI images at sometimes we must reach VMware to add those capabilities]
  5. Leave the Default options [ For Dedicated & floating images we don’t need the Imported VM to join the domain]
  6. Enter Admin username & Credentials for that VM
  7. Enter the Name of the VM
  8. Leave the Advanced Options as Default
  9. Click on “IMPORT”
  10. Wait till the image is ready for publishing [ Once can see Green round below the Status]
  11. Click on “MORE” and “Publish to Images”
  12. Once the VM is successfully published then the image is Available in the “Images” [ Horizon admin console –> Inventory –> Images] section

Common issues while importing VM’s:

  • Check enough quota allocated for the subscription
  • Check the Azure guest agent status of the imported VM if it’s not successfully completed
  • Check for any installation failures from the windows events
  • Once the image is imported, we can see the agent’s installation is going from the Admin console, below the “Agent Status” of Imported VMs. Agent installation may fail due to a guest issue
  • Check the installer logs from C:/programdata/VMware folder
  • Check if any failures with installing extensions, one can see this in the Activity Log of the Azure console
  • Check all the required ports are enabled, specifically the below screenshot.
    VMware public documentation clearly states that the below are to be allowed for a successful import image process [ https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-Cloud-Service/services/hzncloudmsazure.getstarted15/GUID-E3B769E7-BB17-40FD-9CAB-111B348C767E.html ]

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